Peanuts and Nitrogen

George Washington Carver

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Agricultural Scientist and Inventor

George Washington Carver is often remembered as the scientist who loved peanuts. But why did he invent so many peanut products? What do peanuts do for farm soil? Why is nitrogen important for plants and how do peanuts fit in? Why should we still care about peanuts in an era of nitrate fertilizers?
What are peanuts?
Why are peanuts good for soil?
Peanut products and recipes

What is nitrogen?
How do plants use nitrogen?
Why Soil Needs Nitrogen
The Nitrogen Cycle
Nitrates and consequences
Crop rotation and natural nitrogen sources

*George Washington Carver*
Who was George Washington Carver?
Why study peanuts?
Inventing for the public domain

Carver's Eight Cardinal Virtues
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The Dust Bowl